BTS’s RM Sends His Condolences To Victims Of The Ferry Accident In Hungary

Prayers go out to the victims of the ferry accident and their families.

BTS held a press conference during their visit to London for the Wembley Stadium concerts of their LOVE YOURSELF World Tour. There, RM mentioned how they were able to come so far thanks to the staff and media who helped spread the news about their achievements.

To be able to do anything here is a great honor. We are here thanks to our efforts and our staff and media who have continued to spread the news about us and show the love we have received.

We will do the best we can today.

— RM


He mentioned the importance of news and press during any situations that are good or bad. He expressed his condolences to the victims of the ferry accident that happened a few days ago in Budapest, Hungary.

A few days ago there was a tragedy involving Korean tourists in Hungary, so want to express condolences for the victims and families and safe return for all who are missing.

— RM


RM refers to the fatal accident where a small ferry carrying South Korean tourists and two Hungarians was capsized after a larger boat collided into it. The small ferry reportedly sank in seven seconds after it was hit.


Seven South Korean passengers were able to escape and seven others were found dead, but the remaining 19 passengers and two Hungarians remain missing and presumed dead.

Rescue efforts continue for days.


The captain of the larger ship was arrested, and emergency rescuers continue their efforts in finding the remaining passengers as harsh weather prevent them from reaching the sunken ferry.

Memorial set out for the victims at Budapest, Hungary.
Source: Metro and Daily Mail