BTS’s RM Accidentally Forgot V In A Group Photo And V Didn’t Let Him Get Away With It

The R&V duo at it again!

BTS fans were blessed with another adorable interaction between RM and V when the former uploaded a post on Weverse for the first time in a long time!

RM posted two photos with adorable heart-faced emojis. The first photo was of himself at a recent trip to the museum, chilling on the grass with his shoes off.

The second photo was a group photo with his members at the Grammys a couple of weeks ago. But something was missing from the photo…

RM’s photo was missing V! Perhaps V was hidden behind Jimin or off on his own for a short while, but the OT7 was missing a member.

And V made sure to let RM know that he posted a photo without him! V left an adorably sour comment, “Where am I?

RM hasn’t responded to the cute comment yet but fans know that he probably posted the photo on accident without realizing he was missing a member!

But thanks to RM and V, ARMYs got another laugh at the adorable interaction between the two members who are so in sync with each other but at the same time, not!