BTS’s RM Confesses There Are Times When They Get Frightened And Want To “Run Away” From The Stage

RM opened up with the most heartfelt message.

BTS recently held a press conference for their latest album, “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA”, where RM confessed that there are moments when they feel scared of all the pressure that they receive from their immense popularity and success.

As you grow taller, your shadow gets longer. I think that also applies to when you grow higher in your career.

On some days, the spotlights scared me. I was even scared of the audience. I can’t see them, but they can see me so clearly. They can see every expression and actions that I make. That feeling grew as our success grew.

I became very scared, and I wanted to run away.

— RM


Although he may feel like running away at times, the desire to give love and energy back to the fans outweighs it every single time!

But I have more aspirations than fear. The energy I want to give to my fans is greater than my desire to run away. I feel the feeling [being scared] is something I’ll never grow out of, so I’m doing my best to live with it.

I’m learning to balance the pressure and responsibilities.

— RM


The humble kings revealed that a great weight comes with great success. They’re incredibly thankful for all the love that they’ve received and they’re learning to balance everything that comes their way!

The statistics and praises feel like a great load to me. But, of course, I also enjoy it with a very happy heart. I try not to fall too deep in my worries about the heavy weight. I think we’re already receiving more than we deserve.

We cheer each other on and celebrate, but we’re also learning how to balance everything.

— RM


Despite the overwhelming pressure that they face each day, BTS gets right back up with the help and support of their fans!

Source: Asia Today