BTS’s RM Gives An Update On ‘DTS’ And When We Can See Them Again

Guess we will have to wait another year for their comeback!

Previously, BTS’s RM posted photos online of seven duck snowballs that he named ‘DTS’ (Ducktan Sonyeondan).

Most recently, he held a live stream and gave fans an update on the status of these seven ducklings.

“Sorry they’re DeadTS. Next year maybe.”

He went into a bit more detail as to how the ducks were holding up and how sad he was to have to let them go. “Ah yes DTS. I produced them but they seem to be a bit weak now since the weather is getting hot again. My heart hurt seeing them getting weak and disappearing. When they can comeback in about a year, I will introduce them again to you all.”

He also revealed a bit of TMI on how he got his hands on the snowball maker and its status currently.

And about the duck snowball maker, I discovered them from my friends about a year ago and I thought I could become an insider by having one. So I bought one, but it didn’t snow, so I kept it in my drawer for a year until it finally snowed.

— RM

I have some breaking news though. My snowball maker is broken. I didn’t mean to break it; it just isn’t working properly anymore. When I use it, the ducks come out half-made or dis-proportioned so I’m going to have to buy a new one when it snows again.

— RM

Looks like we’re going to have to wait another year before DTS makes a comeback!