BTS’s “God Of Destruction” RM Strikes Again…Excuse Me While I Scream

He’s living up to his name again in “In the SOOP”.

It’s been seven years, but the “God of Destruction” is still smiting everything in his path!

(Accidentally, of course.)

BTS‘s RM has a talent for breaking whatever comes near his dangerous hands. Call it a gift or a curse…

…but it’s part of who he is.

The God of Destruction struck again in Episode 7 of BTS’s stay-cation show, In the SOOP. At the lake house, a door was just trying to live its life when RM nearly ended it.

The screen wheezed its last breath then collapsed right out of the doorframe.

Thankfully, Jimin and Suga were there to save the day! “You really are the master of destruction,” Jimin said, and RM agreed; “I’m living up to my name again.”

After a few tries, Suga and Jimin were able to fix the screen and give the door a second chance. (It will never take life for granted again.)

If RM’s dangerous hands can do that to a door, it’s no wonder why Suga didn’t want him anywhere near the woodcarving tools!