BTS’s RM Gushes About Jimin, Reacting To His Birthday Ad

RM reacted to Jimin’s Instagram Stories.

BTS‘s RM gushed about Jimin in his recent live broadcast.

RM (left) and Jimin (right)

Recently, an ARMY commissioned an ad at a bus stop with a design of RM, which read, “You live, so we love.” The ARMY explained, “This was meant to be a comforting message of love and support to the artist prior to enlistment, but the installation was so close to his birthday that it can serve a dual purpose.”

While the ad was meant for RM, another BTS member ran into it. Jimin took a photo of it and shared via Instagram Stories. He cutely wrote a message as though he unexpectedly ran into RM.

| @j.m/Instagram

Huh? Hyung, you were here?

— Jimin

Jimin even saw the sign again. This time, he included a peace sign while posting another photo.


Seeing you once again

— Jimin

RM has also seen the birthday ad. He posted his photo of it to his Instagram Stories with heart emojis.

| @rkive/Instagram

Now, RM talked about his upcoming birthday and Jimin during his last Weverse Live. He explained that he is shy about his birthday, but ARMYs make him feel blessed when they congratulate him.

He revealed that he saw Jimin’s Instagram Stories of his birthday ad. RM said that Jimin is the “cutest!”

Yeah, I watched Jimin’s IG story too. He’s like the cutest, he’s like the cutest living thing, you know, in this whole world.

— RM

We can’t disagree with him there! Jimin and RM have such a sweet friendship.

Read more from RM’s live broadcast below.

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