BTS’s RM Has A New Workout Routine, And We’re Exhausted Just Looking At It

Is he training for the Avengers, or what?

Recently, BTS confirmed what fans already know; all the members are fit AF!


On February 21, RMSuga, and Jimin chattered about their vacations, V‘s recovery from COVID-19, and more during a live broadcast. As usual, the members read comments from fans, including one about their physiques.


Jimin pointed out that RM’s arms are looking “thicker” these days, but as usual, RM was modest about his gains.


At the beginning of his career, RM was tall and lean, but he has been packing on more muscle with each passing year.

RM in 2013.

Now ARMYs say, “You can’t spell ‘arms’ without ‘RM,'” and it’s easy to see why!

| Weverse

Today, RM shared his current exercise routine in an Instagram story. His workout includes a mix of cardio and strength training: biking, rowing, burpees, and more.

Fans are impressed and stunned, to say the least!