“Is He Enlisting?” Singer eAeon Addresses ARMYs’ Worries About BTS RM’s Recent Haircut

It wasn’t surprising that RM’s haircut had rumors flying!

BTS RM‘s recent update had fans worried after a photo of him having a haircut sparked ARMYs expected enlistment news, but a close friend and fellow singer has addressed the issue.

BTS’s RM | Naver x Dispatch

Earlier in the month, RM shared an update on Instagram with ARMYs. In the photos, RM was hanging out with his friends but also seemingly in the studio, which had fans excited.

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Yet, the final picture had fans worried as it showed RM getting a haircut. Of course, when it comes to male idols of a certain age, haircuts always bring the assumption that military enlistment is coming up. Considering that RM is set to enlist this year, it wasn’t surprising that fans were very worried with the picture.

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Many assumed that RM was slowly cutting his hair to get prepared to enlist, and as a way of easing ARMYs into it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be too surprising if that was the case, as although RM never explicitly explained that he would slowly cut his hair, youngest member Jungkook brought it up during his own live broadcast.

Rather than cutting all my hair suddenly, I will gradually cut it shorter and shorter. It’s called hair-lighting (play on words from gaslighting), and I will keep cutting my hair shorter until you guys all of a sudden ask, What, when did his hair become so short? When did he buzz his hair? And so I will make it so that (my short haircut) feels natural.

— Jungkook

Many just assumed that RM would be doing the same and assumed it was happening as the idol had hinted that he might be one of the next to enlist. Luckily, it seems like ARMYs don’t have to worry about RM going too soon, and it’s all because of some much-needed reassurance from singer eAeon.

Artist eAeon | @eaeon/Instagram

The two stars have known each other for a while, and netizens love seeing them interact. eAeon recently shared a photo of him and RM on social media, and, of course, many noticed that RM’s hair is much shorter than before.

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Luckily, eAeon seemingly saw the worries of ARMYs online and was quick to address the rumors on his “Thread” account. Under the photo, the artist replied, “He mentioned that his new haircut has nothing to do with the military thing.”

Unsurprisingly, the reassurance from the artist sparked a lot of relief from ARMYs. For many, they’d been expecting to see the dreaded notice from BIGHIT MUSIC, and the fact that it has been clarified that his haircut has nothing to do with his enlistment has come as much-needed reassurance.

When news spread to Twitter, ARMYs were equally relieved.

While it is known that RM will enlist sooner rather than later, ARMYs are relieved to know that the idol has some time left and wasn’t making the announcement through his post. Like the other BTS members, it wouldn’t be surprising if RM directly addressed his enlistment plans closer to the time, like the other members.
Source: eAeon/Threads