HICKEY? BTS’s RM Exposes Neck Bruise During Weverse Live

ARMYs are debating whether it’s a hickey or bruise from CrossFit.

BTS‘s RM held a surprise live broadcast via Weverse.

It didn’t last long, though. And some are convinced it’s because ARMYs spotted a hickey he was trying to hide.

A small but dark bruise showed on RM’s neck during the live broadcast. Surely since he was wearing a jacket, he thought it wouldn’t show, but as soon as it did and ARMYs pointed it out, he started covering it with his hands before ultimately ending the live broadcast.

ARMYs were shook to see RM with what appeared to be a hickey. So, soon “HICKEY” became a trending topic on Twitter.

Yet, others are convinced that it’s not a hickey but rather a bruise from CrossFit. Before ending the live broadcast, RM had mentioned he had been doing CrossFit.

So, other ARMYs believe that it’s an injury from CrossFit, as RM said. They even researched pictures showing others’ bruises received from doing CrossFit. It’s more common than you think.

Still, some were not convinced. Those who have done CrossFit before said there is no such exercise that could give bruises like RM’s.

So, a debate has sparked within the fandom. There are ARMYs who still truly think RM has a hickey and those who believe it’s CrossFit, as RM said.

What do you think?

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