BTS’s RM And J-Hope Are Living Their Best Lives After Being Spotted At The Recent Billie Eilish Concert In Seoul

“RM and J-Hope look like ARMYs at a BTS concert…”

Since debuting in 2013, the members of BTS have constantly been busy with schedules and releasing music. Yet, after taking time away from making music as a group, it seems like the members have had some time to relax and enjoy themselves without the stresses of deadlines and looming promotions.

Two people that have recently gained attention for living their best lives are BTS’s RM and J-Hope.

BTS’s RM (left) and J-Hope (right) | Dispatch

Both members have had a very different and busy few months. While RM has been working on his upcoming solo album and sharing his travels with fans, J-Hope has been promoting his Jack In The Box album and even made history by headlining the US festival Lollapalooza.

On August 15, Korean netizens traveled to Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome to watch world-famous singer Billie Eilish perform. As expected, netizens shared their experiences watching the singer and having a great time.

Amongst the huge crowds, netizens noticed that none other than BTS’s RM and J-Hope were also in the crowd. A photo taken by someone in the audience clearly showed the duo in the seats, and it was made even more obvious with J-Hope wearing his iconic hat.

Before the show started, netizens spotted the two BTS members having fun with each other and enjoying some time off with those around them.

| @jjjinnn1/Twitter 

Yet, if they were having fun before the show started, clips from fans during the concert really proved that the two BTS members were letting their hair down and having a lot of fun.

Throughout the songs, RM and J-Hope were seen singing and dancing along to the songs from their amazing seats.

| @potaedongie/Twitter
| @E_guem/Twitter   

In particular, during Billie Eilish’s faster songs, RM and J-Hope were seen throwing caution to the wind and literally enjoying their best lives.

Coming out of his seat, J-Hope was seen jumping around with RM like they were free of any worries. For ARMYs, it was probably the exact same thing they do at a BTS concert and would’ve seemed familiar.

| @E_guem/Twitter

Also, what netizens loved the most was that even though BTS might be one of the biggest stars in Korea, they were showing their support for another amazing artist. When each song finished, they cheered and got excited just like any other fan watching in the arena.

| @Nousseiba09/Twitter 

When the videos and photos were released, ARMYs loved seeing the two BTS members having fun and that they were able to enjoy watching the show without having to worry about being interrupted.

After years of long and tiring schedules, it’s amazing to see the members taking time out to enjoy themselves. Other idols such as TXT‘s Taehyun and ONEWE‘s Dongmyeong also attended, and from the idols’ reactions, it was definitely a show to remember.

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