BTS’s RM And J-Hope Join Suga As Full Members Of The Korean Music Copyright Association

BTS now has 3 members that are a part of KOMCA!

BTS‘s RM and J-Hope have a brand new achievement to add to their credentials!

Founded in 1964, the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) is one of the biggest non-profit groups in Asia, and focuses on copyrights for music works and administering public performance, broadcasting, mechanical recording and reproduction rights.

To become a full member of the KOMCA, any copyright holders have to first register as junior members for at least 3 years or more, earn a certain amount from royalties from songs each year, and also have to be approved and selected by a board of directors. The prestigious organization promotes only 25 members to the status of full membership, and this year, BTS’s RM and J-Hope have been added to the list!

The KOMCA posted the 25 members that became full members this year on their official website on January 22. This full member list consists of 22 people for the public category and 3 people for the non-public category.
Regarding the addition of RM and J-Hope, the KOMCA stated,


RM and J-Hope have joined the full member list for their worldwide popularity of their songs, ‘Boy with Luv’, ‘HOME’, ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’.



RM and J-Hope follow member Suga as a full member of the organization! Suga joined the list in 2018, making BTS a group with three members that are a part of this association.


Other artists announced this year include Jay Park, San E, Paul Kim, Giriboy and more.

From left to right: Jay Park, San E and Paul Kim


BTS is currently gearing up for their comeback with the album Map Of The Soul:7, and have so far dropped comeback trailers for the same. The group is also preparing for their tour in April 2020, and have announced tour dates and stops as well!

Watch the MV for their recent single, “Black Swan” here!