BTS’s RM And J-Hope Have The Funniest Reaction When Asked To Do A Heart Together At The “Love Your W” Event

BTS’s 94′ liners know how to make ARMYs LOL!

BTS‘s RM and J-Hope are two of the best rappers in K-Pop, and it seems unfair that they are in the same band and were born in the same year. Of course, this means that they have a genuinely fantastic friendship.

Recently, the two gained attention after an iconic interaction during a recent event.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and RM (right)

RM and J-Hope recently attended W Korea‘s “Love Your W” event, which was held to support the campaign for breast cancer awareness. As expected, the two members of BTS’s rap line looked flawless in their outfits.

Yet, one moment from the 94′ liners caught the attention of fans. Before the interview, RM and J-Hope made their way onto the red carpet. As expected, the cameras were flashing like crazy as the two BTS rappers made their way to the press, looking extremely dapper.

The members posed for the press when they got to the pink wall; listening to the requests from the media, RM and J-Hope looked flawless and sophisticated in their looks.

As the cameras zoomed in, the two BTS members looked at everyone so that all the media outlets could get the best shots of them. There were even some finger hearts to send ARMYs into meltdown.

Yet, the iconic moment came when the press asked RM and J-Hope to do a heart together. They both seemed flustered by the request and almost seemed to fumble as they tried to get the perfect heart with their hands.

Seeing what was happening, J-Hope proved his comedic personality, suddenly going, “Wow,” before laughing at watching him and RM struggle with the heart.

Eventually, they got the perfect heart, and it was worth the wait as RM and J-Hope showed their perfect chemistry to the press.

When the clips were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the hilarious interaction between the two idols born in 1994.

As always, RM and J-Hope give ARMYs the funniest interactions and truly cement their friendship in the meantime.



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