“HIS HAIR” Is Trending On Twitter Thanks To BTS’s RM, Jin, & Suga

Back off, scissors ✂

Recently, the long and fluffy hairstyles that BTS‘s RMJin, and Suga have been rocking have been driving ARMY wild, and it’s easy to see why!

The three K-Pop idols’ visuals have even gotten “HIS HAIR” trending on Twitter as fans share their reactions to the iconic looks.

Suga, Jin, & RM (BTS) | BigHit Music

This comes after all three of them were seen side-by-side together in BTS’s Chuseok post to celebrate the Korean holiday, with all of the members looking handsome in hanboks!

Suga has been sporting the longer hairstyle for a while, as can be seen in his most recent Instagram posts, but fans are still swooning over it.


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And ARMYs are giddy over RM’s long hairstyle too, hoping that scissors won’t get close!

Finally, Jin has been looking extra fluffy with his cute and long locks lately, which only add to his already handsome visuals!

Hopefully these three will see all of the praise their visuals are getting and won’t change them anytime soon!