BTS’s RM Joins Art Basel To Record An Episode For Their Podcast

Fans were able to gain more insight to his thoughts about art.

BTS’s RM recently posted a message through Instagram about joining a podcast recently. He was the first guest for season two of Intersections: The Art Basel Podcast and spoke with Marc Spiegler about everything from early life, BTS, and artwork.

The episode summary reveals that RM even has plans to open a public space for his art collection someday.

RM speaks to Art Basel’s Marc Spiegler about everything from meeting Eminem as a teenager, the formation of BTS, and their rise to global fame to the first artwork he ever bought and his plans to open a public space where his collection can be viewed. Collecting, he says, ‘really gives me the standard to live as a better man, as a better adult, and [as] an artist. I just want to make music like the timeless pieces that I admire’.

Listen to the episode through Spotify now!