BTS’s RM Just Bought A New $42,000 USD Painting—Here’s A Look At The Rest Of His Art Collection

RM is a true art appreciator.

To celebrate his recent birthday, it seems RM went all-out on his art obsession. Alongside donating a staggering ₩100 million KRW (about $84,200 USD) to South Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, he also purchased a pricey new painting to add to his impressive collection.

Just a few days after RM’s birthday, Korean media reports that the art-loving rapper has purchased a new painting from modern painter Joung Young Ju. Joung is known for her unique night cityscapes, and the painting RM bought—titled Disappearing Hometown 730—is a stunning example.

“Disappearing Hometown 730” | Joung Young Ju

For RM, it seems there’s no price too high when it comes to artwork. He purchased the 150 x 150cm painting, which was created this year, for ₩50.0 million KRW (about $42,100 USD).

Joung Young Ju | Arirang

Joung Young Ju is often praised for bringing a feeling of life to her village landscapes through light and color. Korean critics have also complimented her use of traditional Korean mulberry paper, enhancing the traditional aspect of her work. She’s recently been gaining fame around the world, too, with several of her works displayed in an Albemarle Gallery exhibition in London, UK this year.

| Joung Young Ju

After meeting Joung at Gallery SUN in Insadong, Seoul earlier this year, RM expressed his interest in buying the beautiful painting. Luckily for him, the artist readily accepted his offer.

“City-Disappearing Landscape 305” | Joung Young Ju

RM will be receiving the painting some time next month. Until then, Disappearing Hometown 730 will be displayed at Gallery SUN from September 16 to September 23. After that, it will be available for viewing at the Korea International Art Fair’s virtual exhibition from September 23 to October 18.

“High Hills Village 630” | Joung Young Ju

Of course, this isn’t the first artwork RM has invested in. Let’s take a look at some more artists in his collection.

1. City-Disappearing Landscape 480 – Joung Young Ju

Buying Disappearing Hometown 730 isn’t the first time RM has shown his love for Joung Young Ju’s artwork. He also purchased City-Disappearing Landscape 480 back in March.

“City-Disappearing Landscape 480” | Joung Young Ju

Joung later shared the story to Instagram, describing RM as “polite” and “smart“.

2. Unknown pieces – Yun Hyong Keun

RM is a huge fan of Yun Hyong Keun. In 2019, the rapper traveled all the way to Venice to view the Yun Hyong Keun: A Retrospective exhibition, where he also purchased a book on the artist. RM even went as far as to listen to an album inspired by Yun, performed by saxophonist Kim Oki.

RM at a Yun Hyong Keun exhibition. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

According to reports, RM owns several paintings by Yun Hyong Keun. The exact pieces are unknown, but the late artist is known for a distinctive, abstract style marked by dark, minimalist columns.

RM at a Yun Hyong Keun exhibition. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

3. Untitled illustration – Thibaud Hérem

RM enjoys the work of French illustrator Thibaud Hérem so much, he actually commissioned the artist to draw him a custom piece early this year.

RM with Thibaud Hérem. | @thibaudherem/Instagram

In June, Hérem revealed the drawing—a unique, blossoming cherry bonsai tree owned by RM himself. According to the artist, this was the first time he’d been given the opportunity to illustrate a large-scale bonsai and he “loved it“.

Untitled cherry bonsai illustration by Thibaud Hérem. | @thibaudherem/Instagram

RM also owns other pieces by Hérem, purchased from his architectural drawing exhibition at the Albus Gallery in Seoul.

| Thibaud Hérem

4. Unknown piece – Kim Chong Hak

Another of RM’s favorite Korean artists is Kim Chong Hak. Back in May, he paid a solo visit to Busan to see Kim’s exhibition at the Busan Museum of Art.

Wood | Kim Chong Hak

Inspired by nature, Kim Chong Hak’s work largely features flowers, weeds, and insects painted in vibrant, contrasting color schemes.

Moon | Kim Chong Hak
Source: KpopHerald (Twitter), eDaily and London Korean Links