Here Are BTS RM’s Latest Book, Film, And Song Recommendations To Keep ARMYs Busy This Week

Thank you, RM!

On October 4, BTS‘s RM graced Weverse


… and shared his latest obsessions with ARMYs. He said, “Here’s the book, documentary, and song which I’ve been digging lately!! I recommend these.😚”

| Weverse

As for the book, he recommended The Depth of Landscape (풍경의 깊이) by author and artist Kang Yo Bae.

| Weverse

The book, said to be a “prose on art”, is a combination of Kang’s paintings — based on the landscape around Jeju Island — and the stories that come with the paintings.

Excerpt from “The Depth of Landscape”. | yes24

Behind real rage, there is a warm heart. Only because there is burning love, it is possible to have rage. As the pheasant’s eye flowers can melt the snow on their own with their energies, we must learn to release our energy likewise.

— Kang Yo Bae

RM also recommended that his fans consider watching The Social Dilemma. Trending on Netflix where the documentary is available for viewing, The Social Dilemma is a 2020 documentary film on “the negative effects of the social media industry’s business practices.”

| Netflix

Finally, he shared a screenshot of his phone streaming the Japanese singer-songwriter Joji‘s track “Ew”.

| Weverse

This sensationally soothing song is already a favorite for many — with 2.4 million views on YouTube. As ARMYs arrive upon RM’s recommendation though, that number is about to soar even more!

Thank you, RM, for these wonderful selections of food for thought!

Source: THEQOO, YES24, Kookmin Ilbo and Variety


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