BTS’s RM Shares His Honest Feelings In Recent Weverse Post

We hope he knows that ARMYs will always be by his side.

With BTS‘s ten-year anniversary just around the corner, leader RM posted a long and heartfelt message on Weverse, sharing his honest feelings.


Hello everyone. It’s been a long time. Hope you all are doing well. I’m getting along all right, just trying my best to live in the present. These days I am discovering more about who I am. There are times when there are an endless amount of words I want to say, but I forget them quickly. It’s been ten years since we came out to the world. How are you guys? Are you ok?

Sometimes, no, often times, I wonder. How you’re doing, your thoughts, hope and despair, what you believe in now, what you want to believe, what you are chasing, if you feel the seasons well. As I’ve said several times before, it’s getting harder and harder to open my mouth. I don’t know. I guess I am learning to be more silent as I become an adult.



Many sad things become happy, and happy things become sad. I sometimes feel unfamiliar when I watch the videos and words I have said in the past. I can hardly remember anymore. It’s strange that these things are becoming dull and sad, and empty. The confidence that I’ve had sometimes disappears. I guess this is just how I am right now.

I’m curious and afraid of what it will be like after I return. Time goes by so fast, and everything changes, even me. I don’t want to ask for all the love irresponsibly, and I don’t want to cling to you. Rather than wandering around looking for love, if I stay in love and I put in the effort, I want to believe that love will come to me naturally.

It’s our ten-year anniversary soon. It’s sad that there are things that are getting more and more difficult as the dust piles over time and our hearts. But in a way, maybe that’s just how it is with the weight of our hearts. That means that the pieces we’ve shared are that big. I am humbled and give thanks every day. I will continue to reminisce about what was a part of me, and as always, I will be fine. Will have been pp (passive participle).


In regards to his last line of “Will have been pp,” fans gather that it is English grammar of “Will have been pp (Passive Participle), implying that he is good, he is doing good, and that he will be doing good.”


Although you will have a lot of hard times, and it may be very painful, please be well! I will be curious sometimes and often! My words and my letters are the way I give you my love. This is my current state now. Be careful of the rain and cold! By the time you forget about me again, I will find you again. Stay healthy!