BTS’s RM Flexed His 148 IQ Again Just Because He Can 

Jin had the best reaction to his math skills.

BTS‘s RM is a talented performer, a born leader, and one of the smartest people you might never meet in person.

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IQ tests vary, but most people are believed to have an IQ between 85 and 115 with 100 being the average. Very few have an IQ below 70 or above 130. RM’s IQ is 148. In other words, he’s a certified genius.

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RM excels at languages, mathematics, critical thinking, and has also proven–through his social interactions–to have a high emotional IQ too.

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RM flexed his intellect in the final episode of MAPLESTORY X BTS. In this episode, BTS designed a MapleStory game character based on their own “Black Swan” aesthetic. Above the character’s head was its age (numbers that showed how many days it had been since the character’s creation).

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Upon learning this, RM mentioned his old MapleStory account from 2003. He multiplied the age of his account (17 years) by 365 days in his head faster than some of us can punch numbers into a calculator. He correctly estimated the answer as 6,000; the exact answer is 6,205!

In response, Jin jokingly asked RM if he is on the STEM track. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) are intertwining disciplines that lead to a variety of brainy careers, like astrophysicist, chemist, or doctor.

| MapleStory/Youtube

Watch the full episode here:

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