RM’s “Mono” Mixtape Is Now Eligible For A Grammy Submission

A change to the Grammy Awards submission process has opened new doors.

Picture this: RM walking across the 2020’s Grammy stage to accept a Grammy for mono. That dream has just become a very real possibility!


The Recording Academy is a committee of music professionals who vote for the Grammy Awards. The strict guidelines that The Recording Academy follows to select nominees have recently undergone changes. One of these changes is getting ARMYs hyped!


Up until now, artists were required to submit CDs for consideration, but from now on The Recording Academy will be accepting streaming links for most Grammy category submissions. The Grammys have accepted streaming-only albums in the past, but this is the first time artists can apply for awards without a physical product.

 For most categories, we would prefer streaming distribution links for online entry submissions, though CD submissions remain optional.

— The Recording Academy


This means that RM’s 2018 mixtape mono, which only exists in digital format, is now eligible for submission.


The Recording Academy says that the streaming links used for verification must remain “active and accurate throughout both rounds of voting”. Eligible streaming services include Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. If the recording is not available on these streaming services, a physical product will be required.


As soon as the news broke, ARMYs began to celebrate. They say a Grammy Award is just what their “president” deserves!



Source: Billboard