BTS’s RM Makes National News For Confusing The Heck Out Of I-ARMY

Channel A took clowning to a whole new level.

BTS has been making national headlines lately, and it not just for their music!

RM | HYBE/Weverse

Earlier this week, became a viral sensation at home and abroad when he posted a video of himself dancing to “Butter.” Although it isn’t clear why V deleted his entertaining video, some fans believe it could have been V’s attempt to stop the video from appearing on the news.

Fan: This is tomorrow’s news footage hahaha

V: Aha

— Weverse

Now, RM is making the news for an entirely different reason: confusing international fans. On Weverse, RM thanked ARMY for helping “Butter” debut at No.1 on the Billboard “Hot 100” Chart.

| Weverse

No, but I just logged into Weverse musun129… Thank you so much, and I miss you

— RM

If you’re wondering what musun129 means, you’re not alone! After “musun129” trended, Channel A took the liberty of reporting on I-ARMY’s confusion.

In the Gyeongsang Province dialect, Musun129 is slang for “What’s going on?” or “What’s happening?” This is because “일이고” (il-igo) in “무슨 일이고” (museun il-igo) sounds like the numbers one, two, and nine. One is “일” (il), two is “이”(i, pronounced “ee”), and nine is “고” (go). 

Thanks to RM, we’re learning something new every day!