BTS’s RM Wanted ARMYs To Help Naming His New Merch… Until He Realized It Was Already Finalized

It all became very confusing!

ARMYs were so excited when it was announced that BTS was going to be creating their own merch for fans to start the new year. Earlier in the week, Jin revealed his designs for pajamas and merch, and on January 3, it was the time of BTS’s leader, RM!


As expected from RM, his love for fine art and details seemed to play a major part in his designs as he revealed that his merchandise was not only a very fashionable pair of jogging bottoms…

| @HYBE_MERCH/ Twitter

But a beautifully designed wind chime that had a fish dangling from the bell.

| @HYBE_MERCH/ Twitter 

Of course, something that beautiful needs a name, and RM was stuck on some options. On his Instagram story, he explained, “My favorite item is a windchime (Originally, I was thinking about naming is bung-kyung but the way it sounds is a bit..)

The initial name combined the words bungeo bbang, a Korean bread shaped like a fish, and the Korean word for windchime.

So, with that confusion, RM knew that the perfect people to ask for recommendations were ARMYs!

He then posted a poll in both Korean and English, asking fans which name they preferred, the original he posted or “poongyeong of poongyeong ” which is a play on words as it is a Korean word that means both “windchime” and scenery.”

| @rkive/ Instagram

| @rkive/ Instagram

Yet, after posting the poll, RM quickly realized that it probably wouldn’t make that much difference as he explained, “Sorry. but it’s already gak-inned…” which means that the windchimes had already been engraved with the real name.

| @rkive/ Instagram

Although the item was named “Bungeo-ppang” wind chime after the fish-shaped bread, the engraving with what seems like the official title is the one engraved on the merchandise itself is “Poongyeong” which is a play on words to mean both wind chime and scenery.

| @HYBE_MERCH/ Twitter

Although it was all a bit confusing, it is undoubtedly another beautiful piece of merch from the members that ARMYs will definitely be excited to buy. You can read more about RM’s merch and the topic below.

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