BTS’s RM Gives Fans An Intimate Behind The Scenes Look At “Life Goes On”

A new “notes” video has been released.

One by one, BTS‘s members are taking fans behind the scenes of BE. 

RM | @bts_twt/Twitter

BE (Deluxe Edition) was released on November 20, 2020, but now a standard version of the album, BE (Essential Edition)is on the way. On January 31, Big Hit Entertainment shared “SUGA’s Notes”, the first in a series of new “notes” videos that pairs behind the scenes BE clips with ASMR style audio.

Each “note” focuses on one BE song and one BTS member. Suga’s video, which showed footage of his notepad and musical instruments, was about Track 5, “Telepathy”. RM‘s notes, released on February 1, show him writing the lyrics of “Life Goes On”, which were later engraved on the album’s cover.

He sings “Life Goes On” acapella, in a way that makes it seem like we’re hearing his thoughts as he puts pencil to paper.

BE (Essential Edition) will be released on February 19. If you haven’t pre-ordered your album yet, there’s still time!


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