BTS’s RM Keeps A Positive Attitude After The GRAMMYs And Promises To Work Harder For Next Year

2022 here we come!

BTS recently performed for the first time at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards with their first English-only single, “Dynamite”, making history once again!

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After the show, the members turned on a live broadcast to thank fans personally for their never-ending support and love.

Leader RM, revealed a positive attitude towards the results and took it as a sign to work harder for next year.

Although many of you may have expected that we would not get the award, I take it as a sign for us to ‘Come and get it yourself’. That’s how I am accepting it.

— RM

He also focused more on the fact that they were the first Korean artists to be nominated and hold a solo performance rather than thinking of it as a fall through.

I saw a few articles about it being a fall through with the award, but it’s not really a fall through. Honestly, it’s the first time we’ve been nominated. It’s the first time being nominated as a group and holding a solo performance. Let’s think of this in a positive light.

— RM

He also made sure to thank the fans and the members for achieving such a huge feat.

Ah it’s okay. This is enough and of course it would be a lie to say that we’re not bummed. It’s really amazing guys, right? Let’s give a round of applause and pat ourselves on the back for doing something so amazing together. Let’s never stop and let’s keep on going!

— RM

And of course, our amazing Minstradamus (Suga) seemed to have known about this all along! In a previous interview, Suga makes a prediction for the GRAMMYs.

Our team goal is to perform at the GRAMMYs next year (2021) and to receive the award the year after that (2022).

— Suga

Looks like BTS and ARMYs are getting the award in 2022!

Netizens who saw this showed support for the group and congratulated them on their accomplishment.

  • “RM speaks so wisely. Next year is BTS’s year!”
  • “It will happen just like Suga’s prediction.”
  • “You guys were amazing! Let’s get it next year!”
  • “It’s amazing enough to be nominated, let’s get it next year!”
Source: theqoo