BTS’s RM Posts To Instagram And ARMYs Couldn’t Help But Notice The YoonMin Reference

J-Hope is right—it is very adorable!

Is it too early to crown BTS‘s RM the King of Museum posts on Instagram? A good portion of his Instagram feed are pictures of him visiting different museums throughout the United States and Korea, as well as his favorite art pieces.

| @rkive/Instagram

The aesthetics are ~very~ nice, and we’re sure RM has been enjoying sharing his favorite pieces with ARMYs on Instagram.

In his latest Instagram post, RM put up one picture of a single piece of art depicting a black cat and a small white bird. No caption. Just the picture to his 23.7 million followers.

The piece was indeed very cute! Even J-Hope commented under the picture “Um excuse me what is this adorable thing????

ARMYs were quick to point out exactly who the “adorable thing” reminded them of! None other than Suga and Jimin.


As Suga is many times compared to having the likeness of a cat and Jimin the likeness of a baby duck, ARMYs couldn’t help but to make the comparison.

The piece itself is an oil painting by artist Kim Doong Ji and is titled “Bird and Cat” (2021). Did RM like the painting because it reminded him of Suga and Jimin or because of the actual art itself? The answer’s probably both.

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