BTS’s RM Played A Prank On His Members, And Their Reactions Were Hilarious

He took “Run BTS!” literally!

When it comes to BTS, there is no denying that the members are like a family. Since debuting in 2013, the seven members have been through everything together, and it is no surprise that they see each other as brothers!

BTS members | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Yet, the one thing that everyone knows about family and siblings is that the key to a great relationship is joking around with each other. During episode 154 of Run BTS!, the members proved that this was very much the case with them. 

After a busy schedule, the group continued with the theme of relaxation and took some time to eat some delicious food and make some puns.


Of course, it isn’t an episode of Run BTS! without some sort of challenge, and, as the leader, it was up to RM to read out what they would be doing during the episode.

However, as soon as RM started reading the card, the members seemed worried as he added, “The theme for today’s Run BTS!, is literally “Run BTS!


Yet, it only seemed to get worse as RM continued to read out their mission for the day.

Starting right now, you have to run 30km to the Yongsan company building in Seoul. You have to run!

— RM


As soon as those words left his mouth, the members seemed shocked, and their reactions were hilarious. Jungkook and V were the first members to be shown, and their expressions went from confused to shocked and then worried.

Jin and J-Hope seemed equally confused, and Jin almost seemed as if it was too unrealistic.


Luckily, the members quickly realized that it was all a joke, and Jimin seemed relieved as he snatched the card from RM and found out that their leader had been making up the words.


It seems as if RM is definitely actor material as J-Hope was adamant that he believed their task was a 30km run! Jin even added that he thought it was the perfect set-up with the staff feeding them a lot of food and then making them run.


In the end, RM read out the proper task, but it didn’t stop the members from feeling an immense sense of relief spreading through the members!


As always, BTS proves that they are a true family and can have fun with each other! Yet, it would’ve been funny to see how BTS would’ve coped with having to run such a long distance after eating what can only be described as a feast!

Source: VLIVE