BTS’s RM Read An Out Of Print Book, And Now It’s Being Reprinted Thanks To His Influence

Now ARMYs can have a copy of this rare book!

BTS‘s RM was shown reading an out-of-print book during rehearsals for BangBangCon: The Live, and now the book’s publisher is reprinting it!


RM was spotted with a copy of Dying Young by Cho Yong Hoon, which has been out of print for 10 years.

RM eating during BangBangCon: The Live rehearsals with a copy of Dying Young next to him | @zzzzzza_tan/Twitter

In Dying Young, Cho Yong Hoon discusses the lives and works of 12 Korean artists who died young but left behind lasting legacies that still live on today.

Dying Young by Cho Yong Hoon | @JooniesLibrary/Twitter

This book is only available in the Korean language, and it was sold out on all platforms due to being out of print for a decade. However, thanks to RM’s influence, it’ll be published once again!


Hyohyeong Publishing, a South Korean publishing house, tweeted that they decided to put Dying Young back into print thanks to RM and ARMY.

Hello, this is Hyoyeong Publishing (Nabizang Books is its own brand). Thanks to RM and ARMYs, we have decided to reprint Dying Young after 10 years of being out of print. Currently, it is on pre-order on YES24 and other channels are also being prepared. We would like to thank the fans and RM again.

— Hyoyeong Publishing

Later, Hyoyeong Publishing added to their original statement to tell fans that Dying Young was added to more platforms.

Hello, this is Hyoyeong Publishing (Nabizang Books is its own brand). Dying Young is currently on pre-order at YES24, Kyobo Bookstore, and Aladin. The art book, which has been published for 20 years, has regained vitality thanks to RM and ARMYs. Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts.

— Hyoyeong Publishing