BTS’s RM Smoothly Reminds ARMYs That He Still Doesn’t Have A Driver’s License

He mentioned it before anyone else could 😂

As ARMYs would know, BTS‘s RM doesn’t have a license. Even without anyone’s prompting, he personally reminded everyone about it in a recent video!

BTS’s RM | Big Hit Music

The moment happened when the members unboxed their latest album, Butter.

BTS | Big Hit Music

RM, Jungkook, and Jin were grouped together to talk about the “Peaches” version of the album. “We’re going to do the ‘Peaches’ album version.

Pointing at the pictures, they explained that the photoshoot took place in a gas station.

Because of the location, “car wash” was the main theme of the day.

| Big Hit Music

It was at that point in their explanation that RM reminded fans that he doesn’t have a driver’s license even if he was washing a car in the picture. He probably wanted to point it out before anyone else could!

The concept is ‘car wash’ although I don’t have a license.

— RM

This isn’t the first time RM’s lack of a driver’s license was brought up. In a past Run BTS! episode, Suga had to scrap a project idea when he remembered that RM doesn’t have a license.

| Run BTS!

On a separate occasion, RM had no choice but to confess he has none when he was asked about it before a game.

To see RM talk about his license—or lack thereof—check out the full unboxing video below!