BTS’s RM Showcases His Impeccable Manners When Met With Large Crowds Upon Returning To Korea

Many criticized the attitude of the reporters, but RM remained professional!

Back at the end of November, BTS traveled to America to treat ARMYs to a whole lot of amazing events, including making history at the American Music Awards and performing their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in LA.

Members of BTS in America | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

After their schedules ended, some of the members returned to Korea, while others chose to stay in America to make the most of their extended vacation.

One of those who was really living the life in America was leader RM. During his time in the US, he had fun buying some Christmas presents for his members, visiting galleries, and just enjoying his free time.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/ Instagram
| @rkive/ Instagram

On December 17 (KST), RM finally returned from Korea. As expected, his visuals shined as he made his way through Incheon airport. Even behind his mask, his smile was infectious!

Like the other members, RM showcased just how fashionable he is even after a long flight, dressed in a long black coat, adorable jumper, and brown corduroys.

| @charts_k/ Twitter

However, RM also caught the attention of netizens for other reasons. Despite the long flight from America to Korea, RM continued to showcase just how respectful he was after being greeted by many fans.

In a new video shared, even with many cameras in his face shouting different things at him, RM stayed positive and even said a sweet New Year’s greeting for fans and even showed them a cute finger heart.

I’m sorry for making you come to the airport during your vacation. Stay healthy…

— RM

When it came to predicting when each of the members would be arriving, nobody knew for certain the schedule, and the media was not afraid to let RM know. Many fans criticized them after explaining to RM, “We waited at the airport three times.

As expected, RM continued to be considerate and respectful by apologizing to them. He even explained that he had thought about the media and fans when preparing to arrive back in Korea.

I brought clothes just in case reporters and fans were waiting.

— RM

Even as he was leaving the airport and still being crowded by reporters and others, he continued to greet everyone in a kind and respectable manner. It can not have been easy having a long flight and then being the epitome of the perfect idol.

He isn’t the only member of BTS who has proved to be true professionals when returning from America. Even with the long flights, all members seemed positive when arriving in Korea, treating fans to their dazzling visuals.

BTS’s Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook returning from Korea | Newsen
BTS’s J-Hope returning from America

As expected, RM proves why he is loved so much by ARMYs. Despite traveling for a long time and the fact that he is probably very tired, RM shows how much he appreciates the support from fans. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: PICKON and @rkive