BTS’s RM Reveals 2015-2017 Were The Hardest Years For Both BTS And ARMY

ARMY has always stood by them.

To top off BTS’s 2021 FESTA, they released an ARMY Corner Store video as they looked back on all the memories from the past eight years. For the theme of the first book, they took a look at Our Story.

For the keyword “Two! Three!”, the members reminisced about how this phrase and this song became so special to both them and the fans.

Suga revealed that all the hardships they went through were not experienced alone, but rather together with ARMY.

We’ve been through a hard time but ARMY got hurt a lot too. We were supposed to shield all the repression but ARMY were enduring it with us. Through this song I feel like it became a secret code for ARMY and us. 

— Suga

RM opened up about some of the hardest years for the group and how those moments made who they are today.

I feel like we can talk about this now and here’s what I think. For those three years, 2015, 2016, 2017, it was tough for us and our fans and there were many people who hated us. ARMY were trying so hard to protect us and we tried harder than anyone else while making content and doing other things. When I look back on those three years they mean a lot to me. 

— RM

This song has comforted both the members and fans countless times and ARMYs will admit too that this song is truly a masterpiece!


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