BTS’s RM Reveals His Biggest Musical Influence And Raps One Of His Idol’s Most Iconic Verses

Hint: It’s a rapper who released his debut album in the 90s!

The BTS members just put their friendship to the test in Vanity Fair‘s new YouTube video, “How Well Does BTS Know Each Other?”

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In this video, each BTS member asked the other members questions about themselves. After each of the other members guessed, the member who asked the question revealed the correct answer.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

RM was up first, and his first question was “Who is your single biggest artistic influence?” 

Jungkook was the first to guess, and he guessed correctly!

Jungkook correctly guessed that the rapper Nas is RM’s biggest influence.

Nas | Revolt TV

RM revealed that Nas has been his idol for a decade, and he thinks he’s “got the best voice and the best lyrics.” 

After RM explained that he was inspired by how Nas writes his music, Suga asked RM to rap one of Nas’s verses.

RM immediately started rapping the first verse of Nas’s “N.Y. State of Mind” from his debut studio album, Illmatic, which was released in 1994.


The album art for Illmatic | Amazon

RM totally nailed the verse!

After RM finished rapping, Suga revealed it’s the first time he’s ever heard RM attempt to rap one of Nas’s verses.

As some ARMYs may remember, RM has spoken about his love for Nas in the past, and he even met his idol at the 2020 Grammys!

See RM talk about his love for Nas and the rest of the “How Well Does BTS Know Each Other?” video below.