BTS’s RM Reveals He Knows About The “Personal Trainer” Meme And Clarifies The Story Behind It

He knows about everything that ARMY posts online!

BTS’s RM held a live stream in light of his birthday on September 12 and thanked fans for all the birthday wishes.

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During this short live stream, he gave updates on the upcoming album, what books and shows he’s been watching lately, and even admitted he knew about the memes going around about him.

J-Hope: Trainer-nim! I’m holding my urges back and eating healthy!
RM: Member-nim, please send pictures of the food you’re eating, not your face.

Recently during an interview, RM wore a tight-fitting black shirt that accentuated his buff physique. This screenshot became a hot issue on social media platforms — eventually leading fans to start the “Trainer Series” (회원님 시리즈).

Jin: Wait, but this is…
RM: Member-nim, please put it down.

Bang Si Hyuk: I worked out at home!
RM: Member-nim, you mean your breathing exercises?

This became so popular that it even trended on Twitter and Big Hit Entertainment even used the series name in the hashtag for RM’s birthday post (#회원님생일축하많이해주실거죠).

In the live stream he mentioned that he found about the meme through a friend that told him about it. He clarified that it was because of his tight inner shirt that made it look like he had buff arms.

This meme even reached his health trainer, who made him work out even more in order to live up to the meme!

Trainer: Looks like you’re becoming a hot issue online? You’re going to have to work harder?
RM: Come on~ you know that I have nothing.
Trainer: You’re going to have to work harder. Let’s do two more sets today!

What’s hilarious is that while RM was busy clarifying the meme, fans were able to grab some more screenshots to use for the series!

Did I just grab new trainer memes? “Aigoo member-nim! You finally made it!”

— Twitter @_dallo13