RM Reveals The Growing Pains Behind BTS’s “Most Beautiful Moment In Life” Era

He looks back at the past in a new “Rolling Stone” interview.

Fans remember BTS‘s Most Beautiful Moment In Life era, also known as HYYH, with fondness, but this “beautiful moment” was tumultuous for BTS’s members.

BTS during the HYYH era | Big Hit Music/Facebook

In April 2015, BTS released The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1. This EP features the hit songs “DOPE” and “I NEED U”, the latter of which would kickstart the BTS Universe.

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It feels like BTS really found itself around the time of Most Beautiful Moment of Life. That’s where everything came together.

— Brian Hiatt, Rolling Stone

In a solo interview with Rolling Stone, RM was asked how he remembers that “beautiful moment” in BTS history. “Despite the name,” RM said. “Most Beautiful Moment in Life, that was actually a very tumultuous period for me and for us.”


RM recalled how BTS transitioned from their “tough image” for debut into the HYYH era dreamers whose growing pains resonated with youths around the world.

There was the tough image we had in 2 Cool 4 Skool, in those early stages, a sort of exaggerated expression of toughness and that angst. And then we sort of slowed down a little bit and tried to express the emotions of young people who have really nothing more than dreams. It was a more honest sort of expression, and we witnessed how it was resonating with a lot of people.

— RM

BTS began portraying themselves in a “more vulnerable, more delicate” way that would define them as they gradually transitioned to the Love Yourself era.

RM during the HYYH era | Big Hit Music/Facebook

There was some confusion because this was something new, and we were showing ourselves to be more vulnerable, more delicate, which was very different. But we realized that it was meaningful, and as we went forward to the Love Yourself series, we started to discover that more and more as we continued.

— RM

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Source: Rolling Stone