BTS’s RM Is So Happy To Go Home He Nearly Left With His Mic Still On Him

Just look at how happy he is!

Although BTS’s RM doesn’t believe he is the ‘god of destruction’, that’s not how the other members and staff feel about him!

In Episode 127 of Run BTS!, the members set out to complete a series of 14 challenges in order to be the first one to go home.

Although the games seemed simple, they were actually more difficult than most of the members imagined.

After hearing that V was on his way after clearing a mission, RM couldn’t have been happier.

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What V didn’t know was that each member had to win a game of Rock Paper Scissors before being able to leave.

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RM, who ultimately won the game of Rock Paper Scissors, screamed with excitement as he ran off set to go home.

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Caught off guard by his actions, the staff called him back, letting know he still had to the ending comment before leaving.

RM runs back, does a quick ending pose before running off with his mic still on!

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He bumps into J-Hope on his way out, who also reminds him that he needs to return his mic.

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With RM no where to be seen, the staff had no choice but to chase after him before he got too far away!

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But honestly, we would be just as excited as RM to go home if we had to complete 14 mission games too!