BTS’s RM Promises The Iconic “Ducktan Sonyeondan” Will Come Back This Year, But There May Be A Surprising Twist

We can’t wait! 🐥

BTS‘s RM says his adorable snow ducks will have a comeback this year!

BTS’s RM | @jeongguknuna/Twitter

BTS just released a BANGTAN BOMB full of behind-the-scenes footage from their Holiday Memories photoshoot.


Ducktan Sonyeondan (DTS), the 7 ducks RM made in the snow in January, were used as a background for some of the photos.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

As he sat in front of photos of DTS, RM said he was a “successful fan” because he got to take pictures with them.

RM also said he’ll most likely make the DTS ducks again this winter.

However, if DTS does make a comeback this year, ARMYs should expect a twist.

RM said “they’ll become the villain,” which means we can all look forward to evil DTS this winter!

Considering we saw evil BTS in previews from the 2022 Season’s Greetings, evil DTS sounds like a great plan.

| BTS/Weverse

Check out the full BANGTAN BOMB below.