BTS’s RM Showed Up In Cheonan City And Local ARMYs Can’t Grasp How He Does It

He dropped by the busiest landmark in the city.

BTS‘s Twitter account shared a picture from RM‘s latest adventure to the city of Cheonan in South Korea and fans can’t wrap their minds around how he manages to show up in the most unexpected places!


In this picture, RM is seen marveling over a giant piece of artwork by Damien Hirst on display at the city’s most popular Arario Gallery. This gallery, conveniently located in the heart of the city beside its bus terminal, movie theater, and department store, is a hot meet-up spot for the locals for being a landmark.


Once the picture was tweeted, ARMYs – especially the local ones who know how crowded the area can get – became completely mind blown by how RM keeps himself busy visiting cool spots around the nation without “being caught” or making a scene.


Cheonan based fans, who pass by the statue everyday to use the terminal or visit the theater, couldn’t help but lament that they missed seeing RM in their hometown – at the place they would have least expected to see him.


Where will RM show up next? ARMYs remain on the edge of their seats to guess his next “pop up”.

Source: THEQOO