BTS RM Talked About Suga’s Butt, Now Fans Are Making It Go Viral

Only Suga can manage to become a worldwide trend for hurting his butt.

Two days following the new year, BTS‘s Suga took to their group’s Twitter account to announce that he started the year off by hurting his butt.

“While I was working I fell and hurt my butt #ithurts #suga #dumbfoundead #happynewyear #throbthrob”
— Suga


A few minutes later, RM responded to this tweet to let everyone know exactly how this happened and gave Suga a new nickname.

“I got a new chair so I gave him the old one and as soon as he got the chair he fell off and hit his butt. I had the chair for over a year and this never happened to me. Suga..I’m better than you.. From now on you are “Min Deol Leong” (careless)..”

— RM


But not even a minute later RM had another great suggestion for a nickname, “Mindeongbangah.” The word combines Suga’s last name, “Min”, and the word “Eongdeongbangah,” which means to fall and hurt your butt.

“Or I recommend #Mindeongbangah”

— RM

Suga gladly accepted his new name and came back to introduce himself to the Twitter world.

“Hello. This is Mindeongbangah”

— Suga

And RM couldn’t resist blessing us with THE perfect photo for the situation.

 Fans could not stop laughing at this hilarious conversation.

And although Suga was going along with the joke he wanted to make sure everyone knew that he actually was in a lot of pain.

“Please don’t laugh everyone, it really was painful.”

— Suga

Even though fans sympathized with Suga’s situation, they couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous it was!

Nevertheless, RM wanted to help his brother out, who was in pain, and stuck two band-aids on his aching butt.

“Ok, I put two band-aids on for you”

— RM

Fans truly enjoyed the whole conversation and are in love with Suga’s new nickname for 2018.

So much so, that a new hashtag #Mingdeongbangah became a worldwide trend that day, and the word Mindeongbangah even made it to Urban Dictionary.


We wish your butt a speedy recovery Mindeongbangah!