Why BTS’s RM Feels Grateful To Suga For Embarking On A Solo Tour

The BTS leader expressed his sincere feelings.

BTS‘s RM expressed to Suga that he is grateful for the member to go on a solo tour.

Suga will soon embark on his first solo tour, SUGA | Agust D ‘D-DAY’ TOUR. It kicks off on April 26 at Belmont Park.

Suga also recently returned as Agust D with album D-DAY and its title track “Haegeum.” He went on his own YouTube show Suchwita to promote, but his fellow member, RM, filled in his spot.


During the interview, Suga talked about his feelings about touring by himself. He felt responsible, and RM reassured him that he would do well.


They acknowledged that no BTS member had toured solo before, but Suga hopes that in doing so, he will be able to advise in the future.


RM: But the people who pave the way feel rewarded even though it’s hard.

Suga: I’m worried and excited at the same time. And I’m just enjoying it.

RM confessed that he feels grateful to Suga for doing a solo tour. He knows it can’t be easy to represent BTS without the rest of the members.

I’m just really grateful that you’re doing this. The fact that you’re representing the team and going on a solo tour is a blessing but also really tough.

— RM


The BTS leader remembered how the group’s Map of the Soul tour was canceled due to COVID-19. They later did a few concerts in the U.S. with PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE but not much beyond that.

After the world tour we had planned to go on before the pandemic got canceled, we went to the U.S. a few times but didn’t get to do anything else.

— RM


Now, the members are starting to fulfill their mandatory military enlistment, with Jin and J-Hope both currently enlisted, hoping all members will return by 2025. RM hopes that with members’ solo promotions, especially Suga’s tour, it’ll help ARMYs be able to wait until then.

But if you go now now and meet ARMY it’ll motivate them to wait for us. Making videos and releasing albums are all great too, but it’s not as impactful as meeting in person so the fact that you’re doing that… I feel really grateful as a member.

— RM


We’ll always be waiting for BTS!

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