Suga And RM Discuss The Inspiration Behind BTS’s Mega-Hit Song “Spring Day”

It’s based on the members’ personal experiences.

BTS appeared as special guests on the latest episode of Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend, celebrating their musical masterpieces created by producer Pdogg.

While discussing the mega-hit “Spring Day”, members Suga and RM revealed that the inspiration for the song came from their personal experiences!

Suga claimed, “[Spring Day] is based on [his] experience of losing a friend.” He believed the song received all the love and attention it did because this “experience” is so relatable.

Isn’t that common though? Doesn’t everyone go through this loss at one point in life?

— Suga

RM added in further explanation that he in fact wrote the lyrics while thinking about the friends he “left behind when [he] moved out of [his] hometown.

… I had friendships that meant a lot to me back in the day. But once I moved to Seoul and started my traineeship, I kind of drifted apart and eventually lost them. So I thought of them as stars in the sky, floating around me…

— RM

RM also revealed that he wrote the lyrics in the Yeouido region of the city-piercing Han River, where the idea suddenly popped into his head.

When the song dropped in 2017, the super sentimental lyrics — full of longing and grieving — led ARMYs to speculate that the song is dedicated to the lives lost in Korea’s 2014 Sewol Ferry disaster.

Sewol Ferry | KBS News

On a separate occasion, RM did mention that “the song can be interpreted in many ways“. Thus, since then, “Spring Day” has remained an undying anthem to all things lost but treasured.

Watch the Immortal Songs 2 clip in full below.

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