BTS’s RM Gets A Sweet Message From HONNE, The Producers Of “seoul”

An honor indeed!

BTS‘s RM released his second mixtape mono back in 2018.

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Just last year mono became the most charted album with 121 #1s on iTunes as it was previously tied with Ed Sheeran‘s Divide for 120 #1s, setting a world record.

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mono is comprised of seven songs: “tokyo”, “seoul”, “moonchild”, “badbye”, “uhgood”, “everythinggoes”, and “forever rain”.

The emotionally provocative album gives comfort to ARMYs in a lot of ways, and even now during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, ARMYs have been deeply comforted by RM’s lyrics.

“seoul” Lyric Video | HYBE Labels/Youtube

One song in particular, “seoul” has actually just achieved a new record.

As of February 24, the lo-fi beat track has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify!

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Co-writers and producers HONNE definitely felt proud of this accomplishment as they had a hand in the song!

amazing to see this track we co-wrote and produced with RM go so far. huge congrats 🙏🏻❤️ such an honour.

—HONNE, Twitter

Of course they had to leave a sweet message congratulating RM. “seoul” features a lo-fi type of beat with lyrics filled with both love and hate for the city he now calls home. The song delves deeper into his feelings for South Korea’s capital city, but also his own emotions like many of his other tracks on the album.

Last summer, HONNE even shared to Twitter the beats that were used for the track.

They even gave a fun fact for ARMYs sharing that the “synth sounds playing the melody at the start is actually my (James) vocal, but loaded into a sampler and played in on a keyboard.”

Congratulations RM! Make sure to check out the lyric video below.