BTS’s RM Talks About How Different Everything Was With “Permission To Dance”, As Compared To “Butter”

He revealed that he was completely different while preparing for “Permission To Dance”!

BTS‘s RM recently talked about the group’s latest track, “Permission To Dance”, and shared how different it was to prepare for this song!

RM sat down for an interview with Weverse magazine, where he talked about himself, his solo song “Bicycle”, and more! One of the questions asked to him was about “Permission To Dance”, and he was asked to decribe his feelings during the process behind the making of the song!

How was making “Permission to Dance”? You can count on one hand how many BTS songs have a message as positive as in that song.

RM described the whole process as “fun”, and shared how relaxed he was the whole time, leaning into the good vibes of the song! He also talked about how they decided to leave out rap verses as a whole for the song, because they felt like it just wouldn’t fit with “Permission To Dance”.

Right. They talked about putting some rap in “Permission to Dance” while we were working on it, but we said it would never work. I have more fun when I’m singing and dancing than anything else. I think this song was one of the few times that I felt like I was just having fun while singing and dancing on it.

It feels amazing to give into the song with your whole body and just laugh instead of thinking about it too much. I think that’s the power of the song.


He also revealed how he was stressed while preparing for “Butter”, but with “Permission To Dance”, he only felt enjoyment!

I wasn’t stressed preparing for it like I was with “Butter.” When it came to “Butter,” I had to think about what we should show off and how I could do that. I’m always careful not to be a problem within the group dynamic. But I didn’t really have to worry about that with “Permission to Dance.” Honestly, I felt like I only needed to add just a dash of the enjoyment I felt.


BTS released “Permission To Dance” in July 2021, and have seen great success with it! Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Weverse Magazine