BTS’s RM Almost Got A Tattoo, Here’s What Stopped Him

“I actually had a sketch, but…”

With BTS members like Jimin and Jungkook having a few tattoos, fans were curious if RM would be the next one to join in with some permanent ink. RM shared the time he nearly got one but couldn’t go through with it.

RM | @rkive/Instagram

When a fan asked about tattoos, RM revealed that he had an idea for one that he’d been waiting to get. He answered, “I used to…plan to have one. And I actually had a sketch.

RM admitted, “But I just canceled it cause I was afraid.” He had an understandable reason for being so hesitant, though.

Despite all the time he’d spent planning the tattoo idea, he still wasn’t sure if he’d like it permanently because of how quickly his taste changes. He explained, “Cause, you know, I’m kind of an ‘in a rush guy.’ I really get sick of something so fast.

RM could already see how fast he would get tired of seeing something so permanent, not wanting the experience to turn sour. There was still hope, though.

If I have a tattoo, I was afraid that I’m gonna be sick of it. Like, ‘Ugh, I don’t want…some stuff on my arm no more.’

I’m gonna hate it. So, that’s why I don’t have any tattoos.

— RM

He didn’t say no to tattoos altogether. RM added, “I’m still open, though. I can have a tattoo someday.” He also had one requirement for going through with it, saying, “But after I get more in shape later, I think.

Whether RM gets tattooed or remains ink-free, fans will love him the same.

Source: Naver Live