BTS RM’s Is A True Gentleman At Incheon Airport When Interacting With Fans And Media, Despite The Lack Of Security

Although it was a private schedule, crowds gathered to greet RM.

When it comes to K-Pop idols who are the true epitome of being a “Gentleman,” BTS member RM really is one of the best. Since debuting in 2013, the group’s leader has grown as a person and continues to showcase his true personality with whoever he meets and wherever he goes.


On June 22, Korean media reported that RM was returning from a personal schedule and was due in at Incheon Airport.

As soon as the idol walked through the doors, ARMYs worldwide were shocked to see the lack of security RM had as he started walking through the airport. Many assumed that because it was a private schedule, HYBE didn’t expect many people to be waiting.

Yet, even with fewer people than normal, RM was still met with a lot more people than he or the company probably expected who were getting extremely close to the idol.

Even as he was making his way through the airport surrounded by people, RM made sure to answer the reporters’ questions, even showing fans his adorable eye smile in the process.

As RM left the airport building, he continued to showcase his personality as he started waving at those who had been waiting for him…

He even treated them all to some aegyo while he was waiting to cross the road. Despite looking as if he was a bit embarrassed after doing it, he kept sharing his love with the fans and thanking them whenever they said anything to him, and making adorable comments that made them laugh.

While outside, it was clear that those waiting at the airport were getting extremely close to RM, yet it didn’t phase the idol who continued to showcase his professionalism and gentleman-like behavior.

Even as the press shouted kind words at him as he was trying to get to the car, RM ensured he responded with “Thank you” at every opportunity he could.

When RM eventually got to the car, he made sure to say goodbye to the fans even when he was trying to get seated, bowing and waving until the second the door was shut.

When the video of his arrival was released by Korean news outlets, ARMYs shared their reactions. Although some were concerned that ARMYs and media found out about his private schedule return, others praised RM for his behavior towards those waiting at the airport.

Yet, it isn’t the first time RM has been praised for his attitude at Incheon Airport. Back in April, BTS returned from their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Despite being met with an excited crowd early in the morning after a long flight, RM actually apologized for arriving early in the morning, greeted and thanked them, and encouraged everyone to be safe.

As always, RM has proven that he’s truly the sweetest person in the world. Although not as many people came to meet him, the idol stayed calm without the presence of security and ensured everyone he met felt noticed.

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