BTS’s RM Is A Total Mood As He Gets Off Work For The Night 

Who can relate?

RM has a dream job, but even he can’t wait to clock out sometimes!


BTS seems to be spending a lot of time at work lately, leading some fans to believe that the group is preparing for their next comeback or another exciting project.

Last night, for instance, RM shared this selfie on the Weverse app, captioning it, “want to go home…” 

| Weverse

Now his wish has been granted! Today, RM shared a short video of himself going home after work. He captioned it, “yeah im toe-geunning..,” which translates to, “getting off work..” RM might have been tired, but not too tired to entertain ARMY with his silliness. This face mask didn’t stop him from fully expressing his mood!

The only thing better than RM’s video is ARMY’s response to it. The comment section is filled with sweet messages, memes, and punny pick up lines.

Watch the video here: