BTS’s RM Is “Namjooning” Again And Taking ARMY Along For The Ride

Here’s what he’s been up to in his free time.

2020 has been a disappointment, but BTS‘s RM isn’t letting it stop him from living his best life!

What has he been up to lately? “Namjooning”. Urban Dictionary defines this as “the act of living as Kim Namjoon [RM]. This includes taking walks through parks, admiring nature, hanging out with crabs, and having fun with friends.”

Often, RM photographs relaxing, Namjooning moments to share with ARMY, including museums and the great outdoors.

On June 18, he tweeted out new photos from his adventures, captioned, “Long time no see.” Here he is enjoying the summer…

…with the wind blowing through his hair…

…visiting a museum…

…and just being himself.

This year has been stressful, but if Namjooning has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of recharging and enjoying the small moments.