“My Skin Gets Worse”: BTS RM’s Skincare Routine Is Not What You’d Expect

You won’t be able to match it.

K-Pop idols are known for flawless skin, especially since South Korea is often associated with its unmatched skincare. So, Korean celebrities are frequently asked to reveal their skincare routines.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Suga (right) | BTS/VLIVE

Recently, BTS‘s RM was asked by an ARMY for his skincare secret during a live broadcast via Weverse. He looked handsome as ever, although he appeared to be wearing little to no makeup. His face was so clear!

‘Do you have a skincare routine?’

— RM

Yet, RM shared some shocking info regarding his skincare. Although some idols visit dermatologists almost daily for treatments, the BTS leader said that his skin only worsens when he sees a dermatologist.

I don’t the word, but actually when I go to skin hospital, my skin gets worse because I don’t know… I’m just not fit with the… I don’t know… Some lasers or care.

— RM

RM explained that the dermatologist’s treatment, possibly lasers, does not agree with his skin type. So, his current skincare is just his natural-born DNA comin’ in clutch for him.

So, I just… I think, unfortunately, skin is like 80% by DNAs, genes. Sorry, I’m born with it.

— RM

One thing about skincare is that people have unique skin types, so it’s important to find what works best for them and not just follow what another person does. What works for someone else might actually irritate your skin. Research before investing in quality treatment and products!

Watch the clip below.


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