BTS’s RM Visits Exhibition By Sungsic Moon, The Artist Behind His “Bicycle” Cover Art

We hope RM had a great time at the art gallery!

BTS‘s RM can’t get enough of Sungsic Moon‘s art!

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram
Sungsic Moon | @sungsic_moon/Instagram

Sungsic Moon (also known as Moon Sung Sik) is one of RM’s favorite artists. He’s a widely respected artist, and he’s held exhibitions in several museums in South Korea and all over the world. These days, Sungsic Moon mostly depicts nature in his works, especially flowers. He aims to show the beautiful and grotesque layers of the world through his art.

| @sungsic_moon/Instagram

Sungsic Moon is currently doing his third solo exhibition with the Kukje Gallery. The exhibition is called Life, and it’s displayed at the gallery’s Busan location. The exhibition centers around 100 new “oil drawing” works in which Sungsic Moon carves and draws into wet paint with a pencil. The drawings show the beautiful small details of everyday life, like the plants and animals around Sungsic Moon’s home.

| @sungsic_moon/Instagram

RM posted photos of his visit to Sungsic Moon’s latest exhibition on his personal Instagram.

| @rkive/Instagram

While RM has been a fan of Sungsic Moon for a while, this visit to the artist’s exhibition was likely particularly meaningful for RM. Sungsic Moon created the beautiful cover art for RM’s song “Bicycle.”

| @sungsic_moon/Instagram

Back when “Bicycle” was released during 2021 FESTA, RM said, “The cover illustration is by one of my favorite artists, Moon Sung Sik. I’m in love with the artwork which really captures his usual style of sketch.” We’re sure their collaboration on “Bicycle” added a new layer of meaning to RM’s recent visit to Sungsic Moon’s Life exhibition!


Source: Kukje Gallery