BTS RM’s Hilarious Vocal Warm Up Routine Is The “Penthouse” Throwback We Didn’t Know We Needed

We need a “Penthouse” remake starring BTS!

If you need a little more of the K-Drama The Penthouse in your life, BTS‘s RM is here to help!

BTS’s RM | @fila_korea/Twitter

In the behind-the-scenes episode from BTS’s iconic MTV Unplugged performance, the members were shown warming up their voices before singing “Telepathy.”


While Jimin and Jin chose to sing contemporary songs to warm up their voices, RM threw it all the way back to 1791 with a rendition of the “Queen of the Night” aria from Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute.

As he sang, he accompanied his voice with animated hand gestures that made Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook burst out laughing. Jin even joked, “He’s a comedian!” 

The members seemed to love RM’s warm up so much that he treated them to an encore performance.

Opera enthusiasts may have recognized RM’s choice of warm up songs right away, and fans of the K-Drama The Penthouse likely recognized it right away, too. In The Penthouse, Bae Ro Na (Kim Hyun Soo) and her mother Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) are both shown singing the “Queen of the Night” aria.

ARMYs who’ve also seen the hit K-Drama compared RM’s rendition of “Queen of the Night” to the version from The Penthouse.

See RM’s vocal warm up for yourself, as well as the rest of the behind-the-scenes episode below!