BTS’s RM Is Having His “Worst Day” Of 2021, Here’s What Happened

Fans are hoping HYBE can help.

ARMYs are sending love and support to BTS‘s RM, hoping to cheer him up.


Today, RM left a disheartening post on the Weverse app, telling fans about his “worst day” of 2021.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

A technical error has erased a year’s worth of his hard work. When RM cleaned his computer, he accidentally lost important files.

| Weverse

I cleaned [my computer] incorrectly today.. so, except for the audio, I’ve lost all the files I worked on for over a year.. it’s a mental shock.. but I’ll still gather up strength.. I was close to being done.. sure.. the worst day outta this year, posting this [Weverse moment] because I’m sad.

— RM

Anyone who has ever lost their own files can probably imagine what RM is feeling right now. ARMYs are devastated on his behalf, and many are hoping that HYBE can recover the files for him.