BTS RM’s Ending Speech Had ARMYs Weeping At Seoul Finale Concert

BTS hopes ARMYs can continue this journey with them.

During the final day of the BTS LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF Seoul concerts, RM gave an emotional ending speech to wrap up the world tour.




He started the speech by thanking ARMYs for sticking with them the past two years.



Let’s give a round of applause to BTS and ARMYs for learning to love ourselves for the past two years. Great job, everyone. I kept thinking about the last lines of “Reflection” from 2016 that reads, ‘I wish I could love myself.’ ‘Love myself.’ What does it mean to love myself? Do you want to find out with me? This is how this journey started. I debated a little as to whether or not a lot of people would go on this journey with us as it was a production that came after one that received excellent feedback.



So if you ask me if I love myself, I still am not sure. But I have a feeling that I can. So even though our LOVE YOURSELF SPEAK YOURSELF concept ends here, let’s continue to our journey in finding ways to love ourselves. I hope that we can continue to hold hands and love ourselves. Alright?


He hopes that their music would help fans continue to learn to love themselves.


I hope that after all this comes to an end, I will still be myself, BTS will be BTS and ARMYs will be ARMYs. Please remember that. It’s because of all of you that I can come this far. I hope that our one word, one lyric, can help you in loving yourself. I hope that you will continue to support us no matter how we come back.

He ends his speech by expressing his gratitude and love for ARMYs.


I’m sad that I’m not able to do this tour anymore. I wish there were a better word for love, but I really love all of you, please know that.


BTS’s Love Yourself series was actually planned from March 2016, making it a series that had been planned for quite some time. Having ended such a huge-scale series had RM teary-eyed during the final concert of the tour.

Source: theqoo