BTS Are Rockstars In Latest “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” Photobook Teaser Photos

Take all my money!

Yesterday, BTS announced that they would be releasing a photobook for MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E. They also shared their first set of concept photos inspired by their solos.

Today, they have released another set of teaser photos for the MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E photobook. The concept is titled “ROUTE VER. [YOUTH],” and it features the K-Pop kings as rockstars. In the below photos, RM looks like the leader of an ARMY that we know he is with a sash!

Suga is a rapper, producer, and rockstar…

Jin is dressed in a beautiful sequined coat that complements his jet-black hair.

The concept is reminiscent of “ON” as can be seen by J-Hope‘s all-black outfit.

Jimin also served in all-black attire with jewel embellishments.

We all knew V was a rockstar, but with smoky eyeshadow and leather, he definitely looks like one!

Jungkook also continues to wow us with his visuals!

Admire BTS’s duality with their ROUTE VER. [EGO] concept below:

BTS Shows Off Their Angelic Side In New “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” ROUTE VER. [EGO] Photobook Teaser Photos

Source: Weverse